Bongalong™ is the brand for legalisation.

and host of the South African Cannabis protests since 2014.

Bongalong™ produces authentic, local, handmade designer Smokin’ vases, quality smoking accessories and apparel for connoisseurs and truth seekers, to generate funding for protests.

Globally, legalisation of cannabis is imminent! South Africa is next!

Why Legalise Cannabis




Cannabis consumption can take many forms and their results vary, but in all cases they are largely beneficial. If you smoke the female cannabis plants flowers, you burn away almost all of the cannabinoids in the cannabis. The best way to take it is through consuming it orally or with a suppository. Then you get all the medicinal benefits of the plant… and there are so many! Some oral methods include BHO capsules, Low heat cannabis edibles, teas, etc.


Cannabinoids are the active ingredients in cannabis plants, these cannabinoids are found in the body naturally. Not only that but we also have a whole system in our body, recently discovered the ECS (Endocannabinoid system), is something that only responds to the absorption of cannabinoids. There have been 84 different cannabinoids discovered and the 84 corresponding receptors in our bodies. the primary cannabinoids are THC, TBD and CBD. These have major medical benefits and they are also the ones involved with the intoxicating effect that cannabis can have. This has largely to do with the fact that their relative receptors are located in the brain.


Endocannabinoid system, the ECS is a newly discovered network of receptors in our body that only react to cannabinoids. Almost like keys to locks… ECS receptors have been discovered on our organs and bodily elements. When one of these receptors are activated by cannabis it has a remarkable effect on the related organ. The primary effect is it balances the function of the specific organ, liver, lungs, kidneys, skin, brain etc. When the balance is achieved the overall function, harmony and strength of the body is improved.

Using oils

Cannabis oils, the ones that are legit and have all the healing power are not legal yet. So if you need some you will have to get from someone that is selling it illegally. Not all of them are criminals, but some are selling oils that are not made well. They use bad cannabis, solvents and processes and then sell you something that could make it worse. So when buying oils you can look out for a couple of things. Firstly the colour should be amber or rose and when spread out should be clear. It can contain micro/small plant particles depending on the quality of the filtering equipment. The consistency should be similar to honey under various temperatures. In cold it should be almost hard toffee like consistency, and at body temp it should be as runny as honey. To test the oils at home you can heat a stainless steel knife or spoon until it is hot enough to vaporise the oil upon contact. When you burn the oil on it there should be almost no residue left. This is an indication of the purity. But you should also remember that all cannabis plants contain varying amounts of all the cannabinoids, so even the same genetics could have different cannabinoid levels when grown differently. so best is to try and get oils from Sativa and Indica strains and mix them to ensure the best cannabinoid variation and maximum medicinal effects.

Dosing advice

When you get the oil, the best is to take a certain dosage lets call it X (X could be measured in Spoons, drops, ml, grains, grams etc. This would be largely dependant on the oil. it could be cooked in olive oil, that would be a spoon sized measurement, where as a heat extracted BHO oil would be measured in “rice grain” comparisons). But lets work with X for now. You need to take it atleast twice daily, so you want to take X amount, if you don’t feel any more double the dose. If you can feel it then but you can tolerate the feeling then stay at that dose twice a day. If you dont like it or it interferes with your life then reduce the dose to 1.5X and so on until it works for you and then repeat twice daily. If you have a more serious disease like cancer it is advised to try and get the maximum amount you can into you system. When your body is saturated with cannabinoids the meds will start to give you light headaches then you can reduce the dose again. But remember no one has ever overdosed on cannabis. The main risk is getting bad oil, so we recommend growing and producing your own oil independently. You know what you are getting and if you keep it secret the law can’t get you. For information, consulting and assistance setting up your own medicinal producer contact us on

Helps with




Carbon negative

The Hemp industry is one of the only industries in the world that has a negative carbon impact on the environment. Carbon negative means that it’s a crop that generates enough oxygen to cancel out the carbon emissions from converting hemp into almost 20 000 different type building blocks that could improve thousands of industries worldwide.

Tax revenue

The hemp industry involves many steps and processes. From growing to processing to producing hemp goods. This industry will not only unlock thousands of jobs it will generate billions in tax. In South Africa and Africa we are perfectly situated for growing bulk hemp. Through legalisation and regulation we introduce a new industry that in my researched opinion could a green revolution that will make the industrial revolution pale in comparison. Look at places in the states where they made 12 million TAX dollars in the first WEEK!

Building industry

Hemp can be shredded into a fibre and turned into bricks. These bricks are thousands of years old, they have barely been researched or improved in the last couple of hundred years. But even though it is still ancient technology it is already really impressive. Firstly you can grow a brick… need I say more. Anyway you can also easily make a brick without baking it, cost effective. Even though it is very under research it already has a really good compression rating and could well become much stronger than current commercial bricks because of the strong grain the hemp fibres give it.


Hemp oils can be extracted and turned into Biofuels, producing the only carbon negative bio fuel and sustainable natural fuel industry.


Hemp produces incredibly strong materials that can be used to make long lasting eco friendly clothing and rouged gear. When hemp was still legal it was the primary thing used to make ship ropes, because of its reliability and strength. In legal times, military uniforms were also made from hemp, because it was just so much more durable.

So many uses


  • Printing paper
  • Specialty paper
  • Cigarette filter paper
  • Coffee filter paper
  • Newsprint
  • Cardboard
  • Packaging


  • Cooking oils
  • Salad dressing/oils
  • BIO-EFA food oil
  • Margarine
  • Vitamins/Food supplements
  • Granola
  • Bird seed
  • Flour (protein enriched, gluten-free)

Body Care

  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Bath/shower gels
  • Hand cream
  • Cosmetics
  • Moisturizing lotions
  • Balms

Consumer Textiles

  • Apparel
  • Bags
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Denim
  • Diapers / Nappies
  • Fabrics

Industrial Textiles

  • Canvas
  • Rope
  • Twine
  • Nets
  • Tarpolans
  • Carpet
  • Geotextiles
  • Brake/clutch linings
  • Caulking (i.e. sealing the seams in boats or ships to make them watertight)
  • Agro-fiber composites

Industrial/Technical Products

  • Oil paints
  • Varnishes
  • Printing ink
  • Fuel
  • Solvents
  • Lubricants
  • Putty
  • Coatings
  • Molding
  • Chemical Absorbent
  • Mulch
  • Pultrusion
  • Biocomposite
  • Animal bedding
  • Ethanol/biofuel
  • Erosion control

Building Materials

  • Fiber board
  • Insulation
  • Fiberglass subsitute
  • Hempcrete
  • Stucco and mortar



Less Crime

In an illegal drug market, sales generate billions of dollars in revenue annually, this revenue is being used to fund criminal activity like any other enterprise. If we legalise cannabis not only will we reclaim a huge revenue stream, we will take it away from criminals and giving it back to the community. And also remember that there are a lot of people who are really amazing but right now they are seen as criminals, so need I say more…

Protect children

When cannabis is illegal the people who sell it are already running a risk, so not only do they sell to kids, they prefer to sell to minors because it is safer and they stand a chance to get a long term client. If cannabis is legal the person selling it will be audited and monitored. If the system finds out that you sold to anyone who is not eligible for cannabis, they will loose their license. And no reputable vendor would want to loose their license so kids will be safer.

Never going away

The war on drugs has been going on for just over 100 years and its cost more than a trillion dollars world wide. That is more than a thousand billion dollars… Holy crap, after that much time and money the problem is worse than ever, drug use has increased over 200% globally and getting worse. Prisons are too full. People want to feel, thats never changing, so stop arresting us and start being human, and accept us, we are not costing you anything. Well right now we are, the prosecution of cannabis offenders that do not lead to a criminal charge in SA costs millions. That’s money spent on nothing, scaring someone into further drug use…


A bong is a water filtered smoking pipe that comes in various sizes. Bongs are the best in our opinion for various reasons. Bongs are the most economical especially on expensive weeds. It is really easy to control dosage. The various flavours can be tasted more clearly. Its the healthiest natural way to consume cannabis through smoking.

Safer than alcohol

Look it up, they have proven that alcohol is worse than cannabis. Not only is it unhealthier and more deadly, it is also more likely to make you do something disastrous, leads to spousal abuse and domestic violence.


Firstly cannabis is the least addictive substance of all. Criminalising addiction makes the problem worse, there are countless studies pointing out that the physical effects of addiction are not the main driver of the the problem. It is the lack of life drive and support from people. it stems from a feeling of being lost because you have no community or family. So when you lock up and isolate adicts you make them feel even more lost and the problem gets worse. Lastly remember 90% of addicts are not bad people they just got dealt a really crappy hand.

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The making of “Bongalong”

Naughty Vase


Cape Town Cannabis march 2016

Cape Town Cannabis walk 2017

The “Naughty Vase” is intended for the use of various tobaccos and not for illicit naughty provocative and strange things.

Through great products like these, Bongalong aims to change social perceptions of Cannabis by putting it out there, forcing people to look at the issues, to freely and publicly discuss the benefits of legalisation.

We bring style and design to the cannabis market. Raising funds product by product, for the legal fight. Spreading the word through rallies, media events, social gatherings, community projects and protests

Our brand is your brand and our pledge to you is locally produced, high quality products that are Proudly South African. Stylish, timeless and functional pieces with an exceptional blaze, something that will improve your smoking experience.

We create unique pieces that represents the cannabis culture with the respect it deserves, for the unique place it has had in the lives and cultures for thousands of years.

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About Bongalong

Do you believe in a change for the better; helping those suffering from extreme diseases like Cancer, and strengthening our economy?

Bongalong™ is the first brand in South Africa that represents the cannabis culture: A brand that will bring people together.

Bongalong™ is the brand for you! We at Bongalong™ wish to provide a platform for all South Africans to play a role in the process of legalisation. We are a unique brand in the way we wish to represent the cannabis culture. We are hard working, passionate individuals who are conscious and caring while still enjoying the finer things in life.

We are the brand that will change social perceptions of Cannabis by putting it out there, forcing people to look at the issues to freely and publicly discuss the benefits of legalisation. We bring style and design to the cannabis market. Raising funds product by product, for the social fight. Spreading the word through rallies, media events, social gatherings and community projects.

Our brand is your brand and our pledge to you is locally produced, high quality products that are Proudly South African. Stylish, timeless and functional pieces with an exceptional blaze, something that will improve your experience. We create unique pieces that represents cannabis culture with the respect it deserves, for the unique place it has had in the lives and cultures for thousands of years.

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