Yesterday we published a post about cannabis legalization in January 2017.

Unfortunately this article was false, very disappointing to find that out! The rest of the article was the truth though.

We received this article from a source that we trusted, too much it seems.

The article was sent as I was doing a blog post about Retha, who smokes cannabis to treat her nausea. It works, it is cheap and it has no side effects. But its illegal and she has to go out in the cold and do it like a criminal and that is heart breaking.

So getting to excited too fast in the rush of things (and believe me when I say it’s not simple task to start a company, not even getting to starting one that sells bongs, from design to manufacturing to marketing to sales we do it all and still we make tons of time to get actively involved in the fight for cannabis) I didn’t do my referencing on the article because I truly believed the person who forwarded it would not send something that is so blatantly a cruel JOKE! The person that made that article deserves a proper slap, I already took mine willingly for sharing it!

But the just of it remains that a ton of people saw this post, and hopefully they believe it will happen because that will make it easier to come out of the dagga closet!

So I am truly sorry for posting it, even if its not the worst thing ever, I dont want to be the one who makes it look like stoners dont do their research well 🙁

Yours painfully and sincerely

Smokie Jo