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This is the space where we will enlighten you to who we are, what we want and what we do. Legalisation of Cannabis is not just going to happen on its own. It is our time to get up and take it back, there was a time when it was legal! I want to smoke my bong in peace I want to sell my bongs in peace I want to make my quality bongs in peace

Legal medical cannabis in SA hospitals 2017…

Legal cannabis is coming… But will it be too late for so many! Retha is a girl on chemo at a very young age and she is using cannabis in smoking form medicinally! She uses it to help with the effects of Chemo, she receives monthly chemo treatment for an... read more

Cannabis set to legalise 16/08/01!!

Cannabis set to legalise in USA! Sources have reported that the DEA will be moving cannabis to a schedule two drug so it can be used and researched legally in all states. This move is a big one and indication that policy changes globally will come soon. The DEA can... read more

Mal Blad

Mal Blad, Another classically good Bongalong™ product Mal Blad Production video. The Mal Blad is the ultimate mauling partner, leather lasts a lifetime and when folded preserves the freshness of your precious bud for longer. The magnetic clasps make it easy to open... read more

Feeling Proud!

So who enjoyed a puff right in front of the main Police station in Cape Town… So many people were smoking on the SAPS stoep, even if they only arrested those that were lit up, there would not be enough space in the Western Cape to lock them all up! #irony The... read more

Media Madness… Look at the covarage

Media Madness and the spread of “aweness”… If you thought the marches didn’t do much you are sorely mistaken! After this saturdays Walk for the legalisation in Cape Town hosted by yours truly, that the biggest topic of discussion this weekend... read more

One More Day!

05.05.16 A Day Before we March #CTCW2016 Cape Town, are you ready? Ready for Saturday, THIS Saturday, where Cape Town is expected to host it’s largest cannabis march EVER? If you haven’t already started making your home-baked placards and gorgeously green outfits,... read more

Smokey Jo on the future of capitalism

I write this piece because I can see how the freedom of a certain plant is going to change the game forever, but if you sit idly by and just watch like a deer stuck in headlights the system is going to run you down like a sociopathic narcissist drunk driver! I am a... read more

Bongalong™ Song!!

We received this Song from Junia Bardo & Baba The Fayahstudent, and we think it is brilliant. This is the 2016 cannabis walks official song check it out, share it around! We are going to walk and sing for the healing of a nation! From Cape Town all over the world.... read more

Where is my Weed

Woke up this morning with a tear in my eye… Feeling like what the F#ck is going on!   Every day somewhere they are legalising cannabis because its a bloody miracle plant, changing the stance towards “DRUGS” only has positive spin offs! Literally... read more

O Canada, Land of the free WEED!!

So if you didn’t hear already Canada has finally taken the last step towards a better future. They voted, and it was decided by democratic system that Cannabis would be legal for medical and recreational use as soon as 2017! We all knew that they would do it... read more

HAPPY 420! 420 Bundle Sale

420 Bundle… Happy 420 guys, and what a wonderful 420 it is. Globally the legalisation of Cannabis is picking up serious momentum. Everyday more information is released, everyday another battle is won, everyday is one more day closer to the day that its legal... read more

Thank you Obama! Federal law changed!

On April 1st for a moment my heart jumped, the rush of blood crawling up my spine, an indescribable excitement! Just to remember that it is april fools and the article just cannot be true. There was an article circulated that claimed Obama signed an executive order... read more

Are the tides turning…

The War on Cannabis is slowly drawing to a close… Every where in the world, except in South Africa! If you think it’s just going to happen by itself, think again! All over the world the winds of change are blowing open the next chapter in the war on... read more

Cape Town Cannabis Walk 2016

The Next Cannabis walk is coming up and things are off to a roaring start. This year not only do we have a really amazing team of people who are dedicated to the cause but we also have much better funding, that came in from all the different benefactors (Friends of... read more

Friends of the Herb

Friends of the Herb Here are the early sponsors for this years Cannabis walk, Without the support from these guys there is no way we could pull of the march that we are planning for 2016. Its going to be a huge day, its going to be a huge success. And one day soon... read more

Say it Don’t Spray it…

Say it Don’t Spray it…   So the police are busy spraying our majestic natural wonder in the heart of the Transkei the birth place of our nations democracy and rainbow nations foundation! Now to the ignorant citizen this all seems fine and dandy but... read more

Marijuana Policy Project (

So if you were wondering what exactly is going on in the US concerning Cannabis, then this is your place! Here you can find the legislation, and its implementation as well as how far the process has gone. Every year more and more us states are crumbling under the... read more

The first of many…

High! Greetings to all you wonderful people who support Bongalong. In the Beginning there was a Bong… When I started designing ‘the Bong’ I was dating the girl of my dreams, unfortunately her parents could never find out that I was one of those “lazy ass dagga... read more