South African Cannabis walk

5th of May 2018

South African Cannabis Walk 2018: 5th of May








Its on South Africa!!

The aim with this years cannabis protest and the #CannabisWorks2018 photowall is to try and break the stigma attached to cannabis and to give people the chance to tell their cannabis related story, why they support cannabis or simply what is is that you do to show South Africa how diverse the people are that support this

Johannesburg and Cape Town

Bongalong Cannabis walk Facebook event link

In Cape Town we will march to the front of parliament and there we will wait until our memorandum is accepted or until sunset.

In Johannesburg people will march from Mary Fitzgerald square and return there to end of the day probably around 13:00

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Join the movement #CannabisWorks2018 and make your voice heard!!

All you need to do is take a photo like one of these on the photo wall, and email it to

If you feel like it, post it on as many platforms as possible and remember to tag it #CannabisWorks2018

We present the sponsors who are willing to stand up for Cannabis in South Africa, The ones who are willing to sacrifice their time, energy and cash to put what we all want first!

Fairly regulated recreational Cannabis!

Friends Of the Herb

if you need something and one of these enterprises have it, consider giving them some love, because they are giving us all, some love!

2016 and 2017 Cannabis walk videos.