This is the official Cape Town Cannabis Walk video.

Bongalong™ are the official organisers of this insane event, we believe this is the best chance we have to make a change.

This is the biggest pro cannabis event ever in Africa! And many many many blunts were smoked on the day!

We need to stand up as a community for our rights, the Courts and Government will postpone this indefinitely!

Unless you stand up for cannabis and join us for these public protests you will never see the sun rise on Sweet Mary Jane.

Even if it does happen it will be owned by the same evil that put her in a dungeon, in the first place!

Bongalong is the brand that is giving its all to get cannabis legalised fairly​, in South Africa​.

The social movement will have a big impact on the South African cannabis ​community chance to get this legalised in a way that would make it accessible to all​, especially those who dream of their own cannabis companies, brands or life styles.

​Please sign up on for the news letter, its through​ this channel that we will keep you informed on ​current events​. ​

We also need a direct line of communication for the ​upcoming revolution. We have

​various strategies to implement, forcing the government to answer the uncomfortable questions that they have thus far been purposefully deflecting and ignoring.

We cannot do this alone, we need YOU!

Thanks for everything, we are Bongalong™,​we are ​YOU!

One for all and all for one! let’s make this incredible change together!

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The official prize!

This is the official video of the Cape Town Cannabis Walk hosted and produced by Bongalong™ the first brand for legalisation in Africa.

Smokie Jo and Danger Dan are the two guys who sign the police documents and take the legal risk, risking our own lives in a dangerous country for the health and happiness of all South Africans! We believe in change, do you?

The most peaceful protest in South Africa!

This is a showcase of how big the cannabis community is and to show you that the protests are safe. If we you don’t come to the walks the law will never change! #CTCW2016