Legal cannabis is coming…

But will it be too late for so many!

Retha is a girl on chemo at a very young age and she is using cannabis in smoking form medicinally!

She uses it to help with the effects of Chemo, she receives monthly chemo treatment for an autoimmune disease named Myasthenia Gravis.

The smoking helps with the muscle pain and insomnia caused by all my meds.

It helps with all the side effects of chemo too, nausea, and so forth.

Why suffer when a plant can help you! Oh wait government wants us to suffer.

Because people are not brave enough to accept that it is a medicine people like Retha have to go out in the cold and smoke cannabis like a criminal somewhere in a corner, Simply because she wants to save her life, or make whats left of it as awesome as possible!

Who are we to stand in her way? Would you look her in the eye and tell her you dont want her medicine made available to her because of your own ignorance!

But Wait there is hope!

according to this article in the Roodepoortrecord (, Medical cannabis will be made available in JHB hospitals to patients on Chemo!

In the interview a South African MP said that they had been testing medical cannabis at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital in Parktown, and the results have been asstounding.

He also said that approved cannabis medicines will make its wat into pharmacies by 2020!

This is great news but there are also a few things that bother me personally.

Why are only people in JHB going to be getting this life changing treatment!

Why are only people on Chemo and cancer treatments going to be considered for this! What about the rest of us! I know I am not dying but please come and live my pain for one day and see if the law will keep you from a safe medicine!

Lastly who will be the ones that decided what goes and what doesn’t, in the system we are now people could be growing 100% safe medicines in their garden! ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

But because of the ignorance they will now only make patented medicines available at ridiculous prices, once again leaving those who struggle with poverty on the end where if they treat themselves (which is as easy as making tea) they will get locked up!

We need to start a South African cannabis club! give the power back to the people! Educate people on how to use it safely and properly. It’s as easy as making tea and knowing your own limits.

Let us not be silenced for too much longer! end the oppression give back our human rights and legalize cannabis!