So if you are a facebook activist, Well then just dont tell me how much you have done for cannabis!

So many people who you meet that want to tell you long stories about what they have done and what I should do, but all they do is share posts on Facebook.

So honestly its not even posts that they make, its just sharing and then you barely have a 1000 friends on facebook and all of them are already in tune with whats going on with cannabis and the benefits that it will have.

If you want to impress me rather tell me that you have told 10 strangers how amazing cannabis is! I have asked over 17 000 people to date how they feel about cannabis and I have published 3 videos where I ask people on camera!

But let me not get to upset with all the people who have wasted my time talking about what they want to do to help with the movement. Lets rather focus on the countless people who have or are doing something actively! All of you rock and your efforts dont go unnoticed!

Some of you have not done much, but every bit helps! Even those of you who have sent me gifts, if thats all you have done I promise you, you have done alot! Those gifts and kind words keep me going, and I have done tons even though I dont advertise exactly how much I do daily, I promise you I have poured my heart and soul into this and I will keep doing it until my heart stops beating.

Stay real, Stay blessed and keep the flame lit!

And if my blogs upsets you, DONT READ IT! much love

Smokie Jo

Btw if my grammar and my language sucks, I dont care! I seriously appreciate language it is exceptionally important factor of being human to be able to communicate and share. But I have a world of skills and I just dont have time to learn a new one, neither do I have time or money to edit these rants.