The individuals who do not necessarily use Cannabis but support the regulation and legalization of Cannabis.

This is a wall where we will publish your stories, write what you do or what you love or even write how cannabis improved your life or the life of someone you know or love. we need to make sure that we let government know we all support it we are just to scared to voice it because the laws prevent us from even talking about it.


Recently our founder and leader Johannes Smokie Jo Berkhout broke his back flying a speedwing, he broke two vertebrae in his lumbar spine and fractured the other three lumbar vertebrae. The Doctors were astounded that he survived the crash let alone not being paralyzed. Smokie Jo believing 100% in natural medicine made the Doctors aware that he wouldn’t be taking their medicines. With a broken back he has been organizing this campaign with his awesome team of cannabis enthusiasts. Three weeks later and Jo was already walking and exercising, the Doctors are dumbfounded by this. To make things even more unbelievable, He started drinking the meds for his broken back and the combination of natural medicines ended up healing his gut from a disease called Ulcerative Colitis, the medical worlds answer to this is that it is incurable and you have to drink a lifetime supply of extremely expensive meds. Luckily Jo didn’t take the meds they prescribed, he started studying the body and asking natural healers for help, and as a result he get to avoid a lifetime of suffering… In the picture above is the nursing staff from the special care unit and all of them agree that cannabis should be regulated because it definitely has magical healing characteristics, but we cant research it as long as it isn’t legal.