Bongalong™ Cleaning Corks


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Bongalong™ Cleaning Corks


Bongalong™ bongs are very easy to clean if you do so regularly, You literally only have to rinse them with cold tap water until the water that you pour out is nice and clean. The Bongalong™ Corks are available to make that job even easier. You can stick them into the down-pipe and clutch holes to seal them so you only need to cover the large smoking opening so you can give it a proper shake.

In the event that your bong has become slightly more dirty on the inside you can simply add some coarse sea salt to the water and then shake vigorously to get the bulk of the gunk and smell gone, after a good shake and rinse your Bongalong™ should smell like new and thats all you need so that it doesn’t influence the flavour of your wonderful bud.

The Corks are ideal for the Bongalong™ Customs because you should only use cold water and no abrasive stuff on it as the art will wear and tear with prolonged use.


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