Mal Blad – Your ultimate magnetic storage and rolling pouch

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Mal-Blad is your ultimate rolling tool! it’ll keep it fresh, you can use it in the wind, wont cut easily and if you look after it, the Mal-Blad will last you a life time.

P.s. Because its magnetic it’ll hide on anything that is metal…

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Mal Blad

The Mal blad is the ultimate rolling pouch.

Mal blad brought to you by Bongalong.

This a leather rolling pouch, that closes using magnetic forces. When opened it has a large surface to refine your tobaccos, and when closed again the tri-fold will keep it fresher for longer.

Leather was chosen for the material as it has the preserving effect as well as, it doesn’t get cut by scissors easily, the smooth side of the leather when worn in doesn’t waste any of those valuable…

and lastly the leather, if looked after will last you a life time, So get prepared to meet your Mal-blad, because the Mal-blad will be with you for a lifetime.

The Mal-Blad has a magnets in it to keep it closed, but this also serves as a place to attach metal scissors, Lighters and other metallic rolling equipment.

But our favorite use for the magnets is finding really sneaky places to hide it from… Because you know, it’ll stick to anything metallic!

The Mal-blad can be used in various ways but our favorites are, Putting it flat on a surface and using your free hand to keep the tobacco in place when you are cutting it.

Or you can fold it into a cone then cut in the corner of the cone like its the last pair of chips in a chip and dip cone! this method is best when used in the wind as it will keep you tobacco enclosed.

When closing the Mal-Blad remember to fold in the Square side first, followed by the side with trimmed edges, then fold the side without an indent first and then the side with the indent.

If you got all the steps right the Mal-Blad will be back to its perfect shape and alignment.


The Mal- Blad Dimensions:

When closed: 85mm * 60mm * 13mm

When open: 245mm * 180 mm

Capacity: 4-8 grams of tobacco




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