Legal cannabis in South Africa? Perhaps sooner than you think…


The next round in the fight for legal cannabis is about to begin!

On Monday the 31 st of July the affectionately dubbed ‘Trail of the Plant’ continues in the Pretoria
High Court.

This follows the ruling of Judge Dennis Davis from the Western Cape High Court
that it is unconstitutional to prohibit the responsible adult use of cannabis in the home.

The ruling in April this year set the stage for the battle that’s about to follow.

In the red corner we have the South African government, stubbornly clinging to laws originally
created to subjugate and oppress the majority of the population. Today they maintain that:
“Cannabis is an undesirable, dependence producing substance” (SA Drugs and Drug Trafficking
Act No. 140 of 1993). The entire plant is considered illegal, in spite of the avalanche of studies
by renowned academic institutions singing it’s praises.
In the green corner we have the Dagga Couple, Julian Stubbs and Myrtle Clarke. They have
been embattled in this saga since their home was raided in 2010. The SAPS, finding only their
personal cannabis supply charged them with possession of cannabis with intent to distribute.
From there, as most of us know, they have taken it upon themselves to fight the outdated and
racist laws prosecuting those who choose the natural alternative.
This time the fight will be at the Pretoria High Court. On Monday the court will start reviewing
testimony from both local and international experts on the following subjects: The use of
Cannabis for Health, Responsible Adult use of Cannabis, Use of Cannabis in Industry and
Traditional, Religious and Cultural use.
We will have ringside seats when the bell rings, watch this space for more…