Why is the Cannabis Walk held on the 5th May?


Since 1999, on the first Saturday in May, thousands upon thousands of people across 72 countries around the world attend the annual Cannabis walks, protests, gatherings, awareness campaigns and more.
Although the specific goals and reasons for gathering may vary from person to person and country to country, the element that unites everyone is the support of Cannabis.

By attending the Cannabis Walk this year, you are part of a global collective of Cannabis supporters.


What is our goal?

The ultimate goal of the South African Cannabis Walk is to get the process of Cannabis legalisation started. This means decriminalized and legalised for recreational, medical and industrial use, to the benefit of everyone in South Africa.
We believe that every South African has the Constitutional Right  to freedom of choice, and this should include the choice to support Cannabis and its many uses.
The benefits of Cannabis legalisation in South Africa are many and varied; whatever your personal reasons for attending the Walk and endorsing Cannabis, the 2018 South African Cannabis Walk offers a platform to express the collective goal of Cannabis legalisation.



Why should I attend? What real difference could the SA Cannabis Walk have?


Until we work together and force government to change the legislation, Cannabis will not be legalised. We have to collectively take back our rights. It is up to the people to take back what is rightfully theirs. Throughout history, it has been the actions of the public that drives changes in legislation.


Your support is not some insignificant act, it is vital to the legalisation of cannabis!


If you want the dream to become reality, it is up to you to take ownership and take action.
Individually, it is almost impossible to create change, if you believe in the fact that the power is in your hands, together we will make legalision happen.


We believe that it is not a matter of whether Cannabis will be legalised, it is a matter of when. 2018 IS THE YEAR FOR LEGALISATION IN SOUTH AFRICA! The 2018 Cannabis Walk will be the catalyst for making legalisation a reality.


It is our constitutional right to gather in peaceful protest. We have the power to compel our government to legalise cannabis for the benefit of all South Africans.


On the 5th May 2018 in Cape Town


  • We will deliver an official Memorandum (viewable here) on behalf of everyone in attendance, which will express our demand for the total legalisation of Cannabis in South Africa.
  • Your attendance matters – The bigger the crowd, the louder the message.
  • The Cannabis Walk will be covered by mainstream media (such as televised news, articles in newspapers and so on), and this helps to spread our message across the country. We will not stop until the legislislation is changed!
  • If the President shows up for a debate we can show South Africa there is no more reason to keep it illegal. If he shows up we have a plan to show people that the law is void already and they are only using it to make us fear them.


Want to help us legalise Cannabis?

We need your assistance to make this the biggest South African Cannabis Walk ever! Here’s how you can do your part:


Want to spread the message? Help us flood Social Media!

We’ve created a massive social media campaign to get everyone that supports Cannabis on board as soon as possible! If we, the people of South Africa, play our cards right, we can create a mighty wave of support. We are spreading the hashtags #CannbisWorks2018 and #CyrilDebatesJo. These tags will be the driving force to get our message heard by the Government and, more importantly, by the people of South Africa. On the day of the Walk, dress to represent your career, your individuality or something you are passionate about.


The aim of the #CannabisWorks2018 tag is to spread awareness about the 2018 Walks, but also to assist in destigmatising the way Cannabis users are perceived by many in South Africa.

By standing united, we can showcase our diversity, we can highlight the reality that Cannabis consumers and supporters exist throughout South African society.

We are asking (for those who are able) to take a picture of yourself, with a sign stating your career, industry or personal message and the tag #CannabisWorks2018.

By giving one minute of your time each day until the 5th May, you can make a massive difference in legalisation!

This message is all inclusive – it is meant for everyone! It does not matter what you do; just show up as you are. Whether you show up as a parent, teacher, in your scrubs or uniform or pajamas, as an entrepreneur, self-employed, a student, traveller, artist or candlemaker, whatever you like. No matter the attire your choose, the goal is to showcase our diversity, to make it clear that we are the people of South Africa, in this fight for legalisation, we are united and unbreakable!


Posters and Flyers

We need your assistance with putting up posters and handing out flyers in the areas you live and work. We are focussing on local businesses and social hubs especially.

Even in the online age we live in, physical posters are a visible and tangible display of solidarity from one of the most important sectors of our economy.

There is also a great incentive for your efforts! For every 10 posters that you put up, photograph and forward to us (with the information of the business) we will reward you with a Starblazer Pipe and accessories. If you manage to put up 25 posters or more, we will reward you with a Buddy Bong.



We need volunteers and advocates in the following roles:

  • Marshals

  • Sponsors

  • Musicians

  • Artists

Flyer and poster collection points:



11 elinor street, roodekrans , 1734


081 375 6017

74 Ilkey Rd, Glenwoodpark No. 402, Lynnwoodglen, Pretoria 0081

Bongalong PTA

066 472 6406

4 van der Graaf street, Alberante, Alberton


081 256 3141

Western Cape:

4A Buiten street, City Bowl, Cape Town

Little Amsterdam

021 424 2320


079 430 0434

Corner Popham road and blaauwberg road


072 509 7343


6 Caleb Street, Woodstock, Cape Town


‭(079) 749-2741‬

Shop 2, Bayer street, stellenbosch

African cellular

073 701 5576